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Injury Update For American Luger Emily Sweeney

Emily Sweeney crashing in the luge.

Here's the latest on the injury to the American luger who had a really scary crash today.

American female luger Emily Sweeney had a terrifying crash in her run at the Winter Olympics today. Here's the latest on her status.

Sweeney, thankfully, seems to be mostly OK. The United States' Olympian was able to walk off the ice track under her own power. She told people around her that she wasn't badly hurt.

The 24-year-old from Maine was then taken to the hospital. She told people she was "fine" as she got into the ambulance.

It looks like Sweeney mostly just suffered some bumps and bruises. The American's status has been updated by reporters in South Korea. Washington Post's Chico Harlan says Sweeney is at the hospital with no broken bones. She's walking on her own and should be fine.

Sweeney's teammates and family members were noticeably shaken after the crash. Photos of her terrified mother went viral on social media. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as it looked.

It looked very bad. Sweeney lost control of her sled in the ninth curve — known as the the roughest in the course - and swerved a bunch of times before eventually losing control.

Here's video of the actual crash. It's tough to watch.

Sweeney is reportedly now likely in concussion protocol. Our thoughts are with her and her family as she recovers today.