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Injury Update For Japanese Snowboarder Yuto Totsuka

Japanese snowboarder Yuto Totsuka after crashing.

Here is the latest on the injury to the 16-year-old Japanese snowboarder.

Yuto Totsuka, a 16-year-old Olympic snowboarder from Japan, suffered a horrific crash yesterday. Here's the latest on his status.

The Olympic snowboarder suffered a terrifying fall in the men's halfpipe competition. Totsuka's board hit the top of the halfpipe and he fell, face-first, into the ground.

Totsuka was attended to by medics almost immediately. He had to be stretchered out of the halfpipe and was taken to the hospital.

The crash was pretty horrific. You can watch it below.

Thankfully, the injuries Totsuka suffered do not appear to be serious. He might just be pretty sore. Rachel Axon, a sports reporter from USA TODAY, spoke to Japanese officials about Totsuka's status. She says they told him he suffered no "big injury." He had pain in his hip and was transported to the hospital.

Totsuka is one of the best snowboarders in the world in the halfpipe despite being just 16 years old. Hopefully, we'll get to see him perform in several more Winter Olympics.

We'll have more on his injury status when it comes out. Until then, he and his family are in our thoughts. Hopefully he'll make a full recovery.