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The Iowa Football Program Has Had A Rough Week

The Iowa Hawkeyes generally don't make too many offseason headlines - at least for negative reasons. This week alone, there are three stories that have fans scratching their heads.

It started last week, when senior defensive tackle Brady Reiff was arrested for public intoxication after mistaking a police car for an Uber. Reiff, as a result, has been suspended for the team's season opener against Northern Illinois.

This past weekend, starting right tackle Tristan Whirfs was arrested for allegedly driving his moped while under the influence. He too now has been suspended for the team's opener against Northern Illinois.

Now, Tuesday, Iowa fans are getting word that one of the team's starters is leaving the program. Senior safety Brandon Snyder messaged a reporter a note about his decision to leave the school for his grad season.

Snyder, who has torn his ACL twice, wants to play more and feels he needs to transfer to do so:

So in short, in the past week, Iowa has lost one potential starter to transfer and two starters for its season-opener against Northern Illinois. Not great.

The Hawkeyes kick things off, undermanned, against Northern Illinois on September 1 at 3:30 PM ET.