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It Looks Like The Mike Golic-Trey Wingo Radio Show Is Happening

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The wife of Mike Golic says she's excited for the show.

There have been rumors of a Mike Golic-Trey Wingo ESPN Radio show for a couple of months now.

It looks like it's going to happen.

Over the weekend, Bob Raissman of The New York Daily News reported that Wingo will be taking Mike Greenberg's place. Greenberg is expected to have his new morning show on ESPN.

Here are the plans:

ESPN suits will be all smiles in the middle of May when they make their traditional “Upfront” pitches to advertisers in Manhattan.

Look for plans for Mike Greenberg’s new TV show to see the light of day at this session as well as the new-look radio show hosted by his soon-to-be former partner Mike Golic. Industry sources say Trey Wingo, who replaced Chris Berman hosting the NFL Draft, will be Golic’s new radio partner.

Golic’s son, Mike Jr., also will be a featured player on the radio show.

Mike Golic's wife, Christine, seemed to confirm the plans.

Will you be tuning in?