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Jake Paul Height: How Tall Is The YouTuber Turned Boxer?

In the past year, it's undeniable that YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul has become one of the biggest stars in entertainment. Whether you love him or hate him, it's likely that you've seen the blonde haired, trash talking boxer during your daily scroll through social media. The internet has a lot of questions about him and we're here to answer them. In this article we'll tell you everything about Jake Paul, ranging from his height and weight, to his dating life, to his upcoming fight with UFC fighter Tyron Woodley.

Who is Jake Paul? The Vine, YouTube and Disney star:

Jake Paul was born in Westlake, Ohio, where grew up with his brother, Logan Paul. The Paul Brothers first became famous on Vine and generated a following that they carried with them to YouTube, and their other personal social media accounts. By the time Vine shutdown, Jake had 5.3 million followers on the platform. In addition to his internet fame, Jake was a high school wrestler.

After establishing himself as an internet celebrity, Paul landed a role as Dirk Mann on a Disney Channel show called Bizaardvark. His character would take dares from fans and complete them on the show. Here is a clip from his Disney days, where he seems like a completely different person from the Jake that we know today.

Jake Paul's YouTube channel currently has 20.4 million subscribers. The channel consists of vlogs, outtakes from his life, stunts, and of course, his music videos. Jake's YouTube channel gives fans an inside look into his life that traditional forms of media couldn't possibly do. While many consider Jake to be a villain, it's undeniable that the content that he puts out is captivating. Here are some examples of videos that Paul uploads to YouTube.

The amount of money generated from the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Fight:

Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul:

One of Jake Paul's music videos:

Judging by the variety of content on Paul's YouTube channel, we don't expect he will run out of video ideas any time soon.

Jake Paul boxing against Ben Askren.

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller)

Boxing career:

On the same night that Logan Paul fought fellow YouTuber and rapper KSI, Jake made his boxing debut in a fight against Deji Olatunji, KSI's younger brother. Jake won via TKO in the fifth round. While the fight wasn't as mainstream as his fights against Nate Robinson and Ben Askren, it was still a huge milestone in Paul's career. Here is the full video of the younger Paul brother's fight against Deji Olatunji.

In 2019, Paul fought YouTuber AnEsonGib in his first professional bout. Once again, Paul beat his opponent via TKO, with this fight being called in the first round. People in the boxing world noticed a big improvement in Jake's technique in this fight. Although Paul dominated his first two opponents, people were not ready to consider him a legitimate fighter yet. Here is a clip from the Paul vs. AnEsonGib fight.

Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson In what was one of the biggest sporting events of 2020, Paul fought former NBA player Nate Robinson on the same night that Mike Tyson made his comeback against Roy Jones Jr. This is the fight that brought Paul's fame to a new level. He was already one of the world's biggest YouTube celebrities, but now he entered the NBA world, which propelled into the mainstream media.

Nate Robinson fights against Jake Paul.

(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Triller)

The fight, which wasn't even close, was humiliating for Robinson. Paul dominated him from start to finish, knocking the former NBA Dunk Contest winner out in the second round. A photo of Robinson lying on the canvas after getting knocked out made the rounds on social media for weeks, becoming a popular meme.

Although many thought Robinson's pure athleticism would be enough to stop Paul, they were wrong. Even with this impressive showing, at this point, Paul still hadn't convinced the masses that he was a legitimate fighter.

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren

With each fight, Paul fights more and more legitimate opponents. He started out by fighting fellow YouTubers, followed by a legitimate professional athlete in Nate Robinson. The next logical step was to fight a professional fighter.

For his next fight, Paul took on a notable former MMA fighter, in Ben Askren. Askren was an All-American wrestler in college and has a 19-2 record as a professional fighter, with a 1-2 mark in MMA.

Once again, many doubted Paul, saying he couldn't beat a professional fighter, and once again the haters were wrong. The YouTuber knocked Askren out in the first round and has been trolling Dana White and the UFC ever since.

Jake Paul's next fight is against Tyron Woodley:

Paul is once again inching closer and closer to boxing someone who can legitimately punch. The "Problem Child" recently announced that he will fight UFC fighter Tyron Woodley. Similarly to his previous opponent, Tyron Woodley got his start in MMA as a wrestler, though Woodley is known as a much better striker than Askren. Woodley is 39 years old, so Paul certainly has youth on his side, but this should definitely be Jake's toughest fight yet.

Dana White commented on the upcoming fight saying "Tyron Woodley doesn’t look like the Tyron Woodley of the past that was putting everybody to sleep. He hasn’t won a fight in three years. He’s going to be 40 years old. But, I will give it to (Jake Paul). He’s at least stepping in there with a guy who can punch.” Although White admits that Woodley isn't the same fighter he used to be, he still believes Paul will finally lose. Woodley seems

"Easiest fight of my career & biggest purse of my career all in one night. Basically, they brought me in to take out the trash. Can't wait to shut this b*tch up. This is getting done for the culture, the whole MMA/boxing community, to rid this guy of combat sports.”

- Woodley

— Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) June 1, 2021

">awfully confident saying "Easiest fight of my career and biggest purse of my career all in one night. Basically they brought me in to take out the trash. Can't wait to shut this b***h up. This is getting done for the culture, the whole MMA/boxing community, to rid this guy of combat sports."

As confident as Woodley seems, Paul is just as, if not even more confident, saying "I have a list of people I plan on knocking out and as I enter my fourth pro fight. I am excited to cross the first one off the list by challenging myself against Tyron Woodley, a five-time UFC Champion known for his knockout power."

Betting odds vs. Tyron Woodley:

To many people's surprise, Paul is the favorite against the former UFC Champion. The target date for the fight isn't until August 28, but Paul currently has -150 odds of beating Woodley. The Paul Brother's fights put up big pay-per-view numbers, and we don't expect this fight to be any different.

Jake Paul height and weight:

According to the fight card for the Paul vs. Robinson fight, Jake Paul is 6'1'' 189 lbs. Although Tyron Woodley says he walks around at 205 lbs. he will trim down for his fight against the YouTuber. The Paul vs. Woodley fight will be contested at 190 lbs. according to ESPN's Ariel Helwani.

Viral moment with Floyd Mayweather's hat:

Although Floyd Mayweather signed up to fight Logan Paul, it looks like he'll also have to deal with Jake. During a promotion for his older brother's fight against Mayweather, which took place in June 2021, Jake took Floyd's hat and ran away with it. The moment was caught on camera and of course became one of the biggest stories on the internet almost immediately.

Jake Paul and Logan Paul net worths. Which Paul brother has more money?

According to, Jake Paul has an estimated net worth of $20 million. The same website estimates that his brother Logan has a net worth of $19 million. Up until very recently, Logan was by far the more popular of the two brothers, but Jake has closed the gap significantly since the Nate Robinson fight.

While the two brothers have made a ridiculous amount of money, don't be surprised if the business savvy brothers double or triple their net worths in the future.

Does Jake Paul have a girlfriend? Who has he dated?

As far as we or the internet knows, Jake does not have a girlfriend or any significant others. He's only 24 and is busier than ever so it's very understandable that the rising star would remain single. Jake has been involved with quite a few women during his rise to fame. Here are some of the women that Paul has dated.

Erika Costell

Tana Mongeau

Julia Rose

Paul's most recent girlfriend is Julia Rose, who you may recognize from the 2019 World Series, when she flashed former Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole. She was in attendance at Jake's fight against Nate Robinson, but the two have since split. She has since deleted her Instagram, but Paul made a video about one of their lavish dates.

What's next for Jake Paul:

The next thing on Jake Paul's plate is his fight against Tyron Woodley, but after that, who knows? What will Jake do if he loses? He reportedly wrote in a rematch clause into the fight contract, which means if he loses he will have the chance to fight Woodley once again.

Besides fighting, the kid can do anything. In the next year expect to see Paul everywhere. Who knows how long his boxing career will last, but even if he stops fighting, expect to see more of Jake Paul in the future.