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Report: Jamie Horowitz Preparing Lawsuit After Ouster From FOX Sports 1

Jamie Horowitz isn't going quietly after being fired by FOX Sports 10 days ago.

On June 3, the extremely surprising news broke that Horowitz was out as the head of FOX Sports, after the network began looking into multiple sexual harassment claims made by female employees.

The Los Angeles Times broke the news, reporting that "several women including prominent on-air personalities" were interviewed in ahead of the decision.

It also notably came down exactly a week after Horowitz made the controversial decision to lay off essentially the entire FOX Sports editorial team, and move virtually all of the content at to video.

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Horowitz's lawyer Patty Glaser is doing her own investigation and preparing a lawsuit against FOX.

Glaser is said to be preparing a lawsuit and conducting her own investigation with an eye on arguing that Fox, hypersensitive due to the Fox News scandal and nervous about regulatory scrutiny of its planned acquisition of Sky Television in the U.K., acted impulsively and without all the facts. Glaser's first move is to attempt to gain access to any investigative report on Horowitz so he can see for the first time what specifically has been alleged and by whom.

The Horowitz firing follows major terminations at FOX News after sexual harassment claims. In the last year, FOX News CEO Roger Ailes and the network's biggest television personality, Bill O'Reilly, were fired after allegations came forward from employees.

Glaser is reportedly prepared to argue that it was a hair-trigger decision to fire Horowitz after all of the scrutiny from the Ailes and O'Reilly cases. That does go along with the memo that acting FOX Sports president Eric Shanks sent on July 3 to employees, according to THR, stating that the company's "values are non-negotiable."

It is almost definitely true that FOX is being more careful with cases like this. It is also hard to argue that it is a bad thing, considering everything that has happened over at FOX News.

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