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Jason Whitlock Thinks The Refs Are Going To Help Kentucky Beat Kansas State

Jason Whitlock in front of the Speak For Yourself


FOX Sports personality Jason Whitlock has a controversial take on tonight's Kentucky vs. Kansas State game.

Kansas State leads Kentucky at halftime of their Sweet 16 game on Thursday night, but one prominent sports personality doesn't think it'll hold. Jason Whitlock of FOX Sports took to Twitter at the break to suggest that the referees are going to help UK escape with a win.

Whitlock says that feels sorry for Kansas State, because the referees are going to keep sending Kentucky to the foul line until the Wildcats start hitting some shots.

He also said there's no way Kansas State wins the game. For reference, they currently lead 33-29.

Many on social media - mostly Kansas State fans - have been complaining about the refs during the game.

At halftime, Kansas State has been called for 16 fouls, while Kentucky has been called for 10. UK is 16-of-23 from the line, while K-State is 7-of-11.

Kentucky has shot very poorly through one half - at just 26%.

Whitlock's tweet won't be met with much excitement from Kentucky fans.