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Jason Whitlock Thinks Bill Simmons Will Return To ESPN

ESPN logo.

Will the former ESPN star be making a return to the Worldwide Leader?

Bill Simmons' exit from ESPN was public and messy.

The former star of the Worldwide Leader was suspended in the fall of 2014 for his comments on Roger Goodell. The following spring, ESPN announced that it would not be renewing his multi-million dollar contract.

Simmons, who started the now-defunct Grantland at ESPN, went on to make a show for HBO (which was cancelled after one season) and developed The Ringer, a Grantland-type site.

Today, The Ringer published a story on ESPN.

Former ESPN personality Jason Whitlock, who's now at Fox Sports 1, has been discussing the story on his Twitter timeline. He's also brought up Simmons. Whitlock seems to think he's going to return to ESPN.

"It makes too much sense."

Simmons returning to ESPN would be a gigantic media move. It doesn't feel like it's a move he'd want to make, but multiple big names have left the network only to return later. Keith Olbermann, Michelle Beadle and Rachel Nichols are among them.