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Jay Bilas "Trusts" These 4 Teams The Most In The NCAA Tournament

Jay Bilas updated his thoughts on the 2017-18 college basketball season today. There are four teams that stand out to the ESPN analyst.

If Bilas had to pick four teams to make the Final Four, right now, he'd probably go with the following foursome. These are the teams he "trusts" the most.

Those four teams: Michigan State, Villanova, Purdue and Duke.

"Of the teams that I "trust" most, I would include Michigan State, Villanova, Purdue and Duke. It's funny, because there are quite a few people who believe that all of those teams will be bounced early from the tournament. So, anybody can win ... except the teams that won the most during the regular season? That is hard for me to believe," Bilas wrote.

Bilas continued:

"Look, anybody can lose, and we very well might have another top seed with an early exit, like Michigan State two years ago. But not anybody can win. We will have upsets, because we always have had upsets. Yet the most consistent teams are certainly more trustworthy than the less consistent teams. Remember, North Carolina lost seven games last season, including getting drubbed at Virginia, and I was saying North Carolina was the best team all season long."

If Bilas had to pick a national champion right now, he'd go with a team out of the Big Ten. He likes Michigan State.

"By the end of the season, I believe Michigan State will be the best team. In October, I believed that Michigan State would be the best team. It's weird how our first impressions are usually (not always, but usually) our best ones," he wrote.

We're only a couple of weeks away from Selection Sunday. It's set for Sunday, March 11.