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Jay Bilas Wrote An Epic Takedown Of LaVar Ball

Jay Bilas has had enough of LaVar Ball.

LaVar Ball's latest antics - getting a female referee removed from his son's AAU game and then refusing to allow his team back on the court anyway - appear to have led to some kind of tipping point regarding his public perception. A number of basketball analysts in the industry, who weeks ago were loving the sideshow, seem to have had enough.

ESPN's Jay Bilas wrote a takedown of Ball on Monday morning. In it, he questions Ball's true talents, criticizes his lack of a playing career and calls him "close to intolerable."

Here's an excerpt from Bilas' column, which is a must-read.

But to whatever extent I enjoyed LaVar Ball and his antics at first, I now find him close to intolerable. Instead of being in on the joke, he has become a joke, and it is no longer funny. He started to lose me when he publicly complained about his son's high school coach, who was ultimately out of his job. Then, he told Fox Sports' Kristine Leahy to "stay in her lane," which I found to be disrespectful and unnecessary to the point of being misogynistic. Then, he started to show himself through his participation as a "grassroots" summer basketball coach. He is needlessly profane and his conduct is out of control with officials and he's not worthy of being in charge of the development of young players.

Bilas added on Twitter that he's "done" with Ball.

It's hard to disagree with Bilas after Friday' shenanigans. It'll be interesting to see if sports media covers him less in the aftermath.