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Jay Cutler's "Main Hobby" Will Weird You Out

Jay Cutler wearing a hat at dinner.

Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler's football career is probably over, but that doesn't mean that we, the general public, won't get to see him on television once a week. Somehow, we're going to get more Cutler exposure through a reality show that stars his wife, titled Very Cavallari.

The first episode debuted a few days ago, and Cutler appears to be the star. His odd, eccentric personality has bewildered viewers. One of his daily habits, at least according to Cavallari, is weirding people out too.

Cutler apparently has a habit of watching deer eat on camera. Here's more, via The Ringer:

You wanna know how Jay Cutler is spending his retirement? Let’s go to Kristin for an update: “His latest thing is he watches deer cams?” she perplexedly says to her best friend, before trying to explain further. “It’s like live feeds of deer eating out of a deer feeder, not even on our property.”

It's starting to become clear why Cutler never really achieved a whole lot during his career.

As for his career, Cutler said that while he's not "100 percent" done, he's "probably" hanging it up. Last season, after announcing his retirement, he signed with the Miami Dolphins on a one-year deal.

Cutler, in his 12-year career, played for the Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins.