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Jay Williams on Grayson Allen: Play Would Have Been Called A Foul For Any Other Player

Grayson Allen shushes the crowd during a Duke game.

Jay Williams is getting crushed for calling foul on Grayson Allen's flagrant 1...

Friday night, we were gifted with another installment of one of the greatest rivalries in college basketball and once again UNC-Duke delivered, thanks to Allen getting back to his old ways.

With Duke trailing by three and less than a minute left in the half, Allen appeared to hip check Tar Heel forward Garrison Brooks while running downcourt. The play earned the Duke senior a flagrant 1.

Williams a former Duke star turned ESPN analyst, tweeted that any other player would have just drawn a foul or no-call.

Williams went on to reiterate on Sports Center that while he thought the play was a flagrant foul, Allen's reputation proceeds him and as a result, the referees will always hold the guard to a higher standard.

“When it’s Grayson Allen, because of his history, I’m not saying it warrants it, they’re going to call a Flagrant 1 and he has to understand that. He knows better”

History is a bit of an understatement considering Allen has been involved in numerous on-court incidents through his career, including one as recent as late February when he jumped on Virginia Tech's Justin Robinson.

Despite Williams trying to soften the take by saying it's just the way it goes, fans weren't having it.

Williams caught so much heat for the tweet that he felt the need to clap back at anyone calling him a "homer."

Postgame Brooks told, the play didn't surprise him, essentially taking a page from Williams' playbook saying it is what it is.

"I was kind of upset, he was just running by me and I feel like he kind of stuck his leg out. That's what he does."

Carolina held on to win 74-69 and will face No. 1 Virginia in the ACC Championship. Tip-off at 8:30 p.m. ET in Brooklyn on Saturday night.