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Jeff Snook Reveals Some Of The Text Messages He Says Michelle Herman Sent Him

Tom Herman's wife Michelle.

This past weekend, Jeff Snook reported that it was Texas head coach Tom Herman who originally tipped off Brett McMurphy regarding Zach Smith's recent arrest. Both Herman and his wife Michelle have denied the allegations. McMurphy also took to Twitter to deny that it was Herman who alerted him to Smith's arrest.

Snook, appearing on 92.3 this week, claimed that since his report, he's been texting with Michelle Herman. He says they've gone back-and-forth 20 times in the aftermath.

Thursday morning, Snook took to Facebook with an update on his interaction with Herman. He says he has "demanded" that the Hermans admit that they tipped off McMurphy. He also dropped in a few quotes supposedly from Herman regarding her relationship with Courtney Smith.

Here's what Snook had to say on Facebook:

Still, Michelle Herman told me this Tuesday about Courtney Smith via Messenger:

“She never told me she was being abused. She never told anyone she was being abused. Nobody saw any abuse.”

That, in essence, covered her husband’s responsibility toward his Title IX responsibilities while at Ohio State.

She went on to describe her relationship with Courtney Smith:

“We were close. I am not saying we weren’t close. We just weren’t that close while we were there. I wouldn’t call her my best friend, either.”

So why give her a substantial amount of money in 2017 (three years after the Hermans left Columbus)?

“When she needed to borrow money, she was drowning in debt and going to drop out of school. I said ‘that’s a bad idea. Then what will you do?’ I said, ‘Why don’t you let me loan you the money? I mean, it’s not going to hurt us.’ We loan people money all the time. Sometimes, we just give it to them.”

Snook's full post can be seen below, via Facebook:

Ohio State has yet to make a decision on head coach Urban Meyer, who is on paid administrative leave. We'll keep you updated.