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Jemele Hill Announces She Is Planning On Leaving ESPN

Jemele Hill speaks on ESPN's SportsCenter.

Jemele Hill, one of the most-scrutinized ESPN employees of the last decade, does not plan on being with the Worldwide Leader for much longer.

The former SportsCenter host, who's lately been doing work for ESPN's The Undefeated and other shows, announced at a conference tonight that she plans on leaving the network once her contract is up.

Hill won't just be leaving ESPN, though. She plans on leaving sports media all together.

Hill's contract is not up for two more years, but she said it's a possibility that she'll be leaving the network sooner than that.

"So much can happen, so many different factors … I haven’t made a bad career decision yet, and I’ll know when the right opportunity comes my way because it’ll really have to be special to really leave the sweet spot I’m at now at ESPN," Hill said, per OZY.

Hill added that she had always been planning on a possible next move, but everything that's happened over the past couple of years have prompter her to speed up her timeline.

“Even before everything happened I was already in the mindset of wondering what was next.” She had planned to wait out her contract. But her suspension and the backlash “have made me think about it sooner and [to] plot out what the next 10-15 years of my life would be.”

You can read her full quotes here.