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How Much Jemele Hill Is Reportedly Receiving In A Buyout From ESPN

Jemele Hill talking on ESPN.

Jemele Hill and ESPN reached an agreement on a buyout this past weekend, and it looks like the former SportsCenter anchor is going to make a pretty penny in her exodus.

Hill, according to Bossip, will receive $6 million in her buyout from the company. Hill signed a multi-year deal back in 2016 and reportedly had over two years left on it. It's unclear what her annual salary looked like.

Both Jim Miller and Richard Deitsch report that Hill approached management with the idea. Deitsch says Hill and Kelley L. Carter have a production company in the works.

Hill's time at ESPN will run up in early September.

Hill rose to prominence the past few years at ESPN, and her feuds with President Donald Trump were well-documented. Many believe that Hill's exodus at ESPN speaks to her desire to get more involved in political commentary.

Either way, it's unclear where we'll see Hill next. We're sure she'll land somewhere - she's too big of a name at this point not to get some serious offers.