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Jemele Hill To Leave ESPN In September

A new promo for Jemele Hill and Michael Smith and their 6 PM SportsCenter show.


Jemele Hill is reportedly entering her final week at ESPN. After a rocky few years, she and the company are close to an agreement on her future.

Jim Miller, author of the well-known book on the history of ESPN These Guys Have All The Fun, is the foremost insider on the Worldwide Leader out there.

On Saturday afternoon, he reported that Jemele Hill is set to reach an "amicable" end with the company in the coming days.

According to Jim Miller's report, ESPN and Jemele Hill are working on a buyout that will have her contract end on September 1.

That would make this coming week her last one on the network.

Hill has two more years on her ESPN contract. Last month, while speaking at OzyFest in New York, she said that she planned to move on from the sports network at the end of that deal, but hinted that the end could come sooner.

Multiple people have confirmed Miller's report, including Andrew Marchand of the New York Post. He wrote a column on Hill's departure, saying that it comes down to new ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro wanting to move away from politics, and Hill wanting to lean farther into them.

Jemele Hill needed to be out at ESPN. Hill knew it. ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro knew it. And, now, Jemele Hill is out at ESPN.


It is quite simple as to why the buyout happened: Hill wants to continue her involvement in politics, and ESPN wants out of politics.

I'm sure plenty of those who dislike Hill for her bold political stances will celebrate this as some kind of bizarre victory. In reality, it is a no-brainer move for everyone involved.