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Jemele Hill Voted Most Annoying Person In Sports Media

Jemele Hill on ESPN explaining her point.

In somewhat of an upset, Jemele Hill has been voted the most annoying person in sports media, at least according to our bracket this year. Hill took down previous winner Stephen A. Smith in the final.

This year's bracket for the 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media featured a bit of controversy and a great deal of debate (mostly on Twitter) regarding the seeding. We also saw one major outlet mock us.

This year's Final Four consisted of Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, Bill Walton and Jemele Hill. Smith and Hill wound up facing off in the championship. Hill essentially won, 60%-40%.

You can check out the final bracket below. Next time around, we'll certainly rank Nick Wright, Bill Walton, Chris Broussard and Keith Olbermann a bit higher.

Jemele Hill wins The Spun's "Most Annoying People In Sports Media" bracket.

Here are the results of the final poll. It didn't go the way we expected.

This year's bracket featured over 500,000 votes. If you participated, we thank you. We'd also like to thank everyone in the bracket. Most of you have been great sports about the whole thing.

You can view the results of the Final Four here, the Elite Eight here, the Sweet 16 here, the Round of 32 here, the first round of the Jemele Hill region here, the first round of the Stephen A. Smith region here, the first round of the Skip Bayless region here and the first round of the Britt McHenry region here.