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Here's The Average Mile Time For The Women's Olympic Marathon Champion

Jemima Jelagat Sumgong of Kenya won gold in this morning's women's marathon at the Rio Olympics with a 2:24.04 finish time. Her victory marks the nation's first gold medal at Rio, as well as its first gold in the women's marathon.

Over the last two kilometers, Jemima Jelagat Sumgong was neck-and-neck with Bahraini’s Eunice Kirwa, who ultimately finished just 0.09 seconds behind her to claim the silver. The rivalry is quite familiar; Kirwa edged the Sumgong in last year's 2015 World Championships in Beijing to get the bronze medal. Sumgong finished that race in 4th with a 2:27:42 marathon time.

In a year, she cut her time by over three seconds.

So how fast was Sumgong actually running the Olympic marathon?

Based upon her finish time, the gold-medal winner was averaging a 5:30 mile time for the total 26.219 miles.

Definitely not something your average runner can accomplish.