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Video: Crazy Fight Breaks Out Between Jets, Redskins At Training Camp

The Jets and Redskins fighting in training camp.

Training camp in the NFL can get testy. Guys are anxious to be playing for real, it's hot out and camp is monotonous.

Even when teams get together and face off in controlled scrimmage environments, things can be fiery. Just look at what happened between the Jets and Redskins today.

The two teams are practicing against each other down in Virginia today. They engaged in a pretty heated fight.

The brouhaha occurred near the sideline and spread out of bounds.

Here is some up-close and personal footage from those on the scene.

It looks like order was restored relatively quickly, and like we said, this sort of thing does happen.

However, the last thing any team wants is to lose a player to injury during one of these scuffles, so you can bet both coaching staffs read their squads the riot act following this.