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Jimmer Fredette Opens Up About The Next Step In His Basketball Career

jimmer fredette is hoping to return to the nba

Jimmer Fredette is known to many NBA fans as a "bust" - the former BYU star was taken No. 10 overall in the 2011 NBA draft and was out of the league a couple of years later - but the elite shooter is hoping to make a comeback.

Fredette, 29, is currently playing in "The Tournament," the summer basketball tournament that often features a bunch of former college stars and NBA players. The winning team gets $2 million in a take-all prize.

Team Fredette is currently taking on Scarlet & Gray, which features a bunch of former Ohio State stars including Aaron Craft, Jared Sullinger and Greg Oden.

Fredette, who's been playing overseas in China, recently opened up about his plans for his basketball future. He would like to make a return to the NBA.

From Yahoo! Sports:

“I’ve been able to go out and play where I’m a leader of the team, and looked at to do a lot of different things. Some nights I have to be a facilitator and get other guys involved, some nights I have to rebound the basketball well, and a lot of nights they need me to score. People see the scoring and oftentimes that’s all they think about with me, but I try to get better at all aspects my the game and become a better basketball player.”

“Things have changed a lot from when I entered the league with three-point shooting now at a real premium as well as guys who can really hit the deep threes and give their superstars space to operate. There’s a lot of transition, a lot of moving the ball, things I excel in, so I think the league has really changed to my favor since I got into the NBA.”

Perhaps someone will give Jimmer another chance in the NBA. He played for four different NBA teams from 2011-16. He's been playing for the Shanghai Sharks since then.

You can watch Team Fredette take on Scarlet & Gray on ESPN.