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Jimmy Butler Seems To Be Having Fun Teasing Fans On Instagram

jimmy butler speaks after minnesota's nba playoffs loss

The offseason is peak rumor time in the NBA. Fans crave any tidbit of information or speculation they can get.

Jimmy Butler seems to be enjoying all of this. The Minnesota Timberwolves star is rumored to be unhappy where he is and people think he could be on the move next year when he hits free agency.

Earlier today, Butler drew attention for liking Instagram comments about another team, the Boston Celtics. It is no secret that he and Kyrie Irving are close and many seem to think they could wind up playing together in 2019-20.

Then, to show he is really having fun, Butler liked a comment about the San Antonio Spurs. But he wasn't done yet.

Butler teased his followers with a picture of him boarding a plane with the caption "where to next?"

Of course, Russell Westbrook "liked" Butler's post, further fueling the masses.

What does all of this mean? Pretty much nothing at all. Butler is enjoying himself though.