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Joe Buck's Hair Is Mesmerizing

A photo of Joe Buck's hair.

FOX's play-by-play man has everyone talking.

There's a scene in The Rookie when Dennis Quaid's character, Jim Morris, bashfully walks off the mound after an MLB tryout at age 35. He didn't think he impressed the scouts. Then, the catcher walked up to him.

Catcher: Pitch... pitch... man, you were bringing some heat up there!

Morris: Come on...

Catcher: You got em talkin!

Morris: Naw...

Catcher: You got 'em talkin'... good job, man.

How does this relate to anything going on today, you ask?

Enter Joe Buck's new haircut.

The FOX play-by-play man (who's admittedly gone through quite a problem with hair transplants in the past) is sporting an apparent new look for this afternoon's Vikings-Saints game.

And the haircut has people talking - a lot. But maybe not in a good way.

We'll let you be the judge:

Video really sums up the look best:

It's quite the look. And if he thinks it looks good, that's all that matters.