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Joel Embiid Had A Message For LeBron James After Boogie Cousins News

Joel Embiid taking off his mask.

MIAMI, FL - APRIL 21: Joel Embiid #21 of the Philadelphia 76ers adjusts his facemark during a break in action in the third quarter against the Miami Heat during Game Four of Round One of the 2018 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena on April 21, 2018 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Pretty much everyone around the NBA was just as surprised as the average fan was when news of DeMarcus Cousins signing with the Golden State Warriors broke. It was a shock to everyone.

Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid, who is always quick on his feet on social media, decided to use the Cousins news for a last-second pitch to LeBron James. James has agreed to a four-year $154-million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

However, James hasn't signed on the dotted line officially yet, and Embiid figured why not try and convince him to change his mind?

Now, LeBron isn't going to back out on Los Angeles the way DeAndre Jordan did on the Mavericks three years ago. He seems to be locked in on the Lakers for basketball and non-basketball reasons.

But it is worth considering how this move makes it even less likely James can contend in the West next year. Many thought he'd have Cousins playing alongside him, but now that's not the case.

On paper, Embiid certainly appears to have a better shot at reaching the NBA Finals next year than James does.

He just wishes they could get there together.