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John Calipari Kissed One Of His Players Before They Entered The Game

John Calipari kisses a player before he checks in.

Kentucky's 2017-18 season ended in heartbreak on Thursday night.

The Wildcats, the No. 5 seed in the South Region, were upset by No. 9 seed Kansas State.

It had looked like Kentucky was the clear frontrunner for the Final Four with all of the upsets in the region. The Wildcats' path was deemed the easiest by far of any of the remaining teams.

Kentucky couldn't get it done, though. The Wildcats struggled to stop Kansas State for much of the game and couldn't execute late.

There was a heartfelt moment late in the contest, though.

Coach Cal kissed one of his players on the forehead before they entered the game.

Check it out:

The player, Nick Richards, appreciated the moment.

"Just in that one moment you could see that (Calipari) actually believes in all of his players," Richards said.

Kansas State, meanwhile, moves on to the Elite Eight, where it'll face No. 11 seed Loyola.