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Johnny Manziel Reveals True Story Behind Peyton Manning Passing Camp Dismissal

Johnny Manziel warming up before a Browns game.

CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 13: Quarterback Johnny Manziel #2 of the Cleveland Browns warms up prior to the game against the San Francisco 49ers during the first half at FirstEnergy Stadium on December 13, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Five years ago, Johnny Manziel took heat when he left the Manning Passing Academy early. Rumors and reports said Manziel was out Friday night, didn't spend the night at camp and was then dismissed.

Today, Manziel attempted to tell his version of what happened. Calling the accepted version of events "a bunch of bull----," Manziel rehashed the whole scenario during a podcast on Barstool Sports.

Manziel, who roomed with Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron at the camp, says a joke he made was taken out of context and resulted in a fake story about him partying in the Big Easy.

Manziel, via Barstool:

"They take you for events, and you get a chance to go around the town and see it. They had a party for us one day, and we're on the bus going back to a bar there. We get there, and I made a joke about how far is New Orleans, something like that, we'll get a party bus. I don't know if one of the counselors heard this and took it ultra-seriously. Nevertheless, we go throughout the night.

"We head back to the dorms around 1:30, 2 in the morning...I get back to the room, and A.J.'s not there. I wake up the next day, I reach over to grab my phone, my charger had come out of the wall and my phone had died. I wake up in a panic, A.J.'s not there. I get in the meeting and apologize, and about 10-20 minutes later my mom walks in and goes 'You're going home.'"

Manziel says his mother informed him they had reports he was out on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. He vehemently denied this, and insinuated that McCarron may have had something to do with the story of him going AWOL being circulated.

"What I was told was A.J. essentially went and told them the next day that he was in the room, that everything was good, that he didn't see me and I never came back to the room that night," Manziel said. "I absolutely 100 million percent stayed in that dorm room that night."

You can listen to Manziel's story below.

Back when this happened in 2013, Manziel was on top of the world. He was coming off a Heisman Trophy-winning season at Texas A&M and was regarded as the most exciting player in America.

Now, Manziel is trying to resurrect his career in the CFL. He was traded this week to the Montreal Alouettes, which might give the 25-year-old QB a better chance to see the field.