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Jon Gruden Is Getting Crushed For What He Said After The Loss

Jon Guden addressing the media in front of a Raiders backdrop.

ALAMEDA, CA - JANUARY 09: Oakland Raiders new head coach Jon Gruden speaks during a news conference at Oakland Raiders headquarters on January 9, 2018 in Alameda, California. Jon Gruden has returned to the Oakland Raiders after leaving the team in 2001. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Jon Gruden, the Oakland Raiders' new head coach, is getting crushed for what he said after his team's season-opening loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Monday night.

The 55-year-old head coach said after his team's blowout loss to the Rams that his team most-failed in its ability to rush the passer.

Gruden said the Raiders were unable to get to Los Angeles' quarterback, Jared Goff, and its running back, Todd Gurley.

"When you can run the ball like they can in the second half it’s very hard to rush the passer. Obviously we didn’t get to Goff enough. And we didn’t get to Gurley enough. And we’ll take a good look at the reasons why we didn’t," Gruden said.

Well, Gruden, one of the "reasons why" might be the fact that you traded arguably the best pass rusher in the league in Khalil Mack.

Gruden had said leading up to Monday night's game that Mack "didn't want" to be in Oakland anymore.

"He was under contract," Gruden said of Mack. "He never showed up for an OTA, he never showed up for training camp, and it was obvious he wasn't going to show up for the season."

Contract holdouts are fairly typical for star NFL players. They don't always mean that the player doesn't "want" to play for that team. They just want to get a contract they believe is fair.

Mack got that in Chicago. The Bears rewarded him with a six-year, $141 million extension after getting traded.