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Photos: Meet The Fiancee Of Star Golfer Jordan Spieth

jordan spieth posts a photo with his girlfriend

Jordan Spieth does not appear to be in contention on the final day of the PGA Championship - the multi-time major championship winner had a couple of rough holes on Saturday - but he's looking to finish strong in his fourth round.

"Overall for the day looking back, I’m extremely excited about where my game is at, just very frustrated that I’ve worked my way into a chance to win this tournament just to kind of throw it away on a bad decision,” Spieth said. “What I’m working on in the swing isn’t quite there. [I] squatted a little on the tee, squatted back, and playing a draw, hit it way off the toe. Those can go pretty far right.

"Then I thought I had a shot [from the woods] and just didn’t quite pull it off, had a tough break [going out of bounds]. In reality, I should have played the smart shot, just accepted par or bogey instead of trying to take the green. But hindsight is 20-20," Spieth said of his third round.

The Texas native has gotten out to a good start on Sunday. He birdied the first hole. He's going to need a lot more of those to make it interesting.

Life is good for Spieth off of the course, at least. He got engaged toward the end of 2017.

His longtime girlfriend, Annie Verret, is always supporting him at the course. She's probably at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, Mo. today.

Spieth and Verret met in high school, went to college separately, but stayed together through it all. Here's a photo, taken moments after the engagement.

Verret doesn't put much out on social media, and her accounts are private, but Spieth has shared some photos of the two. Check it out.

Photos: Meet Annie Verret, the fiancee of star golfer Jordan Spieth

Spieth's final round at the PGA Championship is underway. It's being televised on TNT/CBS.