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Details Emerging On Patriots Interest In Trade For WR Josh Gordon

josh gordon has been released by the cleveland browns

Josh Gordon is reportedly going to be traded by the Cleveland Browns at some point today. The Patriots, somewhat surprisingly, are emerging as the favorite to land the talented-but-troubled wide receiver.

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport reported earlier this afternoon that the Patriots and the Browns were discussing a trade for Gordon. The two teams are reportedly starting to get "close" on a deal.

"The Patriots are getting close on a deal for Browns WR Josh Gordon, source said. Not official yet but headed that way," he reports.

The Patriots could certainly use some help at the wide receivers position. New England has struggled to get consistent production from the wideout group so far this year. Defenses have been loading up on Rob Gronkowski and forcing the Patriots' other pass catchers to beat them. NFL insider Charles Robinson added some details on the Patriots' reported interest in Gordon. "New England is desperate to add speed/playmaking to the offense. Gordon's use can fit well with Edelman/Gronk in Pats scheme. Belichick prizes availability first, which is an issue. But the talent+need is overriding," he says.

The Patriots have taken gambles on troubled-but-talented players before, and Josh Gordon certainly fits that bill. However, there are still serious doubts about his ability to show up and consistently perform for an entire season.

Stay tuned, it's looking like a Josh Gordon trade will be going down today.