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There's A New Theory On What J.R. Smith Was Thinking Last Night

JR Smith after his big mistake.

There's no debating that J.R. Smith's actions during the final few seconds of regulation during last night's Game 1 of the NBA Finals were mystifying. In the aftermath, every sports analyst on the planet has been trying to figure out why exactly Smith didn't try to shoot the ball for a potential game-winning basket.

If, for some reason, you don't believe that Smith didn't know the score, there's a new theory floating out there. Some believe that Smith thought he'd grabbed a defensive rebound and that he was going towards the other hoop because he thought he need to hoist a half-courter for the win.

Keep in mind, Tyronn Lue essentially confirmed that Smith didn't know the score. After regulation ended, you can see Smith mouth "I thought we were ahead" to LeBron James.

But if you don't believe all that, here you go. Yes, this would be far worse than him not knowing the score. He'd have not known which side of the court he was on.

Personally, I'm not sold. Smith doesn't sprint down the other end of the floor. It looks more like he's trying to run the clock out than anything.

Regardless, Cleveland lost and now faces a 1-0 deficit heading into Game 2 on Sunday. We imagine Smith will be ready for a big rebound game.