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Justin Bieber's Girlfriend Appears To Be A Fan Of This College Team

Like it or not, who Justin Bieber is dating a hot-button issue. That's just the world we live in today.

Whether it's longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez, or a former Miss Alabama contestant, Bieber's significant other draws headlines. Get ready for another round of "Who is Justin dating now?"

Don't worry, this rumored relationship has a sports angle. Recently, Justin Bieber has been seen alongside former Miss Teen Alabama Baskin Champion.

Champion went to Auburn, but according to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, she's an Alabama football fan. However, according to this photo, she appears to be an Auburn fan.

Meet her below.

We're sure Alabama fans will take offense to an Alabama native choosing Auburn over the Crimson Tide - especially with the result of this year's Iron Bowl.

Congrats to the new (maybe?) couple.