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Everyone's Freaking Out About The Shoes Justin Timberlake Wore Tonight

Justin Timberlake performs at the Super Bowl.

Here are the shoes Justin Timberlake wore.

The second half of the Super Bowl is underway. What'd you think of Justin Timberlake's halftime show performance?

It's getting mixed reviews. One thing is unanimous - it started roughly.

The sound was kind of off and it was tough to see JT moving around. It warmed up after that.

There was a nice tribute to Prince, a Minnesota native, and he sang a bunch of his its. By the end of the performance, U.S. Bank Stadium was rocking.

One thing that is not getting mixed reviews is Timberlake's footwear. The shoes he wore were awesome.

Timberlake wore the Air Jordan 3 White Cement shoes. His were custom-made, though.

The Jordan IIIs worn by Timberlake featured a Nike swoosh and a Super Bowl logo. Check them out:

The non-custom edition of these shoes retails for about $250. They certainly looked good on JT.