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Kacy Sager Fires Back At Britt McHenry For Shot At Her Brother

Craig Sager makes his moving speech at the ESPYS.

Craig Sager

Britt McHenry got into another Twitter debate.

Former ESPN personality Britt McHenry found herself on the wrong end of a "takedown" piece from Craig Sager's daughter, Kacy Sager, after McHenry engaged in a Twitter debate with Craig Sager Jr.'s ex-girlfriend.

On Wednesday night, McHenry and Brenna Simon, Sager Jr.'s ex, got into a debate that ended with McHenry blocking Simon. After a series of back-and-forth tweets, Simon brought up Craig Sager Jr. to which McHenry reportedly replied with the following:

This comment led to Kacy Sager jumping in to combat McHenry. Kacy issued a lengthy reply, in which she suggests McHenry should take up "knitting or something." Her full comments can be seen here.

"So I woke up this morning, on the one-year anniversary of my father's death, to an inbox full of messages. Dozens of people letting me know they're thinking about our family today, what a huge impact he had on their lives, that his legacy will never be forgotten. And in the middle of the countless well-wishes, someone had sent me a screenshot of Britt McHenry referring to my brother as "some kid whose only connection to the media in his famous dad." Britt. Britt. Britt. Britt. Britt. Britt. Might be time for an intervention, dear. FIRST OF ALL, it really burns me to see someone whose career held so much promise just a few years ago, someone I used to have a lot of respect for, have enough free time on her hands to engage in a petty Twitter argument with my brother's ex. Maybe pick up knitting or something. Hell, you can take over my fantasy basketball team if you're that bored. I've been too busy to keep up with it, but I bet you'd be able to give it enough attention to really turn my season around. Second, my brother, the first person to ever play football at UGA AND graduate from the Grady College of Journalism, has been a prominent member of the Atlanta sports media for damn near a decade now. I know you've been a little out of the loop since basically everyone in the industry stopped taking you seriously but maybe try doing a little research before you make such an ignorant statement. You do still remember how journalism works, right? I'm not going to waste my time listing Craig's many accomplishments or the myriad reasons I'm in absolute awe of the way he has made a name for himself in this industry; he doesn't need validation from me and especially not from you. While you've been busy single-handedly tanking the value of a degree from Northwestern, Craig has kept his head down and built the foundation for a career that will certainly outlast the one you pissed away by being a spoiled brat. Why take a shot at him at all? Why lash out at him when he wasn't even part of the conversation? It's not like he towed your damn car... I want to believe you're not actually this nasty of a person, I really do. That you haven't spent the past few years exposing your true colors. That this has all been a calculated move to save your "career" by pandering to the hateful assholes out there now that you've alienated all the decent, good-hearted people who used to root for you. That maybe you took a cheap shot at my brother because it's easier to invent excuses for the success of others than admit that you only have yourself to blame for the utter implosion of your once-impressive body of work. Or maybe you really do just suck that much. Regardless of the root of all this, you clearly need to spend some of your newfound free time doing a little soul searching. Maybe put your spiraling on hold for a bit and learn to keep your mouth shut when you don't have something nice or productive to say. And in the meantime, don't f*** with my family. #SagerStrong"

Here's her tweet:

One piece of sage advice for McHenry, don't mess with family - especially a family that has been through a very public tragedy.

So much for the holiday spirit.