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Kansas State's Players Say They're Upset Kentucky's Players Didn't Shake Their Hands

John Calipari addresses reporters in a press conference.

It looks like there was a little drama after the final buzzer in the Kansas State vs. Kentucky Sweet 16 game.

Kansas State knocked off Kentucky on Thursday night, punching its ticket to the Elite Eight. The Wildcats survived despite committing 30 fouls. Needless to say, it was a very physical game.

After the game, there appears to have been a bit of an incident. Kansas State junior guard Amaad Wainright told ESPN's Alex Scarborough that he and his teammates were upset that Kentucky's players didn't shake their hands after the game.

"They didn't shake our hands," Kansas State junior guard said after his team's 61-58 Sweet 16 victory. "It's sorry. ... They know what they did."

Kentucky head coach John Calipari was asked after the game about the situation. He says that his players tried to - but Kansas State's players were off celebrating. Here's what Coach Cal had to say:

"I went down to shake their hands too and they were turned and celebrating so I walked off. I had no disrespect for anything. It was just that they were celebrating and I was happy for them to - you know, I walked off too.

But I went down, I shook all the coaches' hands. I went down to shake their hands and they were - which I understood. They're in an Elite Eight game now. Chance to go to the Final Four. So there was team's not like that and neither is our program. There was no disrespect in any way.

They beat us, they deserve to win the game."

Here's video:

Surely, someone has video of the handshake line after the game. We'll see if it surfaces in the aftermath.