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Kansas State Player On Handshake Drama: "We Were Just Cheering Too Much"

Kansas State player explains handshake controversy.

On Thursday night, 9-seed Kansas State upset 5-seed Kentucky 61-58 to reach the Elite Eight for the first time since 2010 but the story after the game focused on whether or not the players shook hands. According to ESPN, Kansas State's players said Kentucky players walked off the court before shaking their hands.

However, during media availability on Friday, junior guard Barry Brown clarified the situation, saying his team was simply caught up in the moment and didn't get into the handshake line quick enough.

From CBS:

"I think we were just cheering too much and didn't really get kind of organized to be able to get in that line and shake their hands. Maybe they just walked off just because they didn't think that we were going to get organized and be able to shake their hands."

That sentiment is evident in the video below. After the game ends, Coach Calipari and his assistants quickly get in line to shake Bruce Weber's hand with his dejected players in tow, but Kansas State's players are still celebrating by the time they reach the end of the line.

It's easy to understand why Kentucky would want to quickly get off the floor following the loss and it's also easy to see why Kansas State would need a little extra time to take in the win.

Following the game, Calipari brushed the situation off as nothing more than miscommunication, saying his team didn't get a chance to shake hands because Kansas State's players were celebrating.

"Well, I went down to shake (the players') hands, too, and they were turned and celebrating so that I walked off. I had no disrespect for anything, just that they were celebrating and I was happy for them. I walked off, too. "

With that cleared up, now Kansas State can focus on the team that stands in its way to a Final Four.

Kansas State and Loyola Chicago tip off Saturday at 6:09 on TBS.