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Kate Upton Reveals What She Was Thinking While Getting Tossed By Wave During Topless Shoot

Kate Upton posing on a beach.

Modeling for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit isn't easy. Sometimes, it's actually kind of dangerous.

The magazine's most-prominent model, Kate Upton, had a somewhat terrifying moment during her shoot on a beach. She was knocked down by a wave.

Upton, posing topless on the top of a rock in the shallows, got tossed to the ground by a rough wave. She saw it coming - but not soon enough.

Upton revealed in a behind-the-scenes video for Sports Illustrated what she was thinking during that moment. She says she knew it was going to end badly. “I really saw the vision for the photo, but as I climbed on the rock I did look down and was like ‘this is going to end badly,’ ” she said in an outtake. Upton wasn't helped by the fact that her skirt was crazy long and kind of heavy. That helped pull her to the ground. “It didn’t look that large from my point of view, but it must have hit the rock just right,” she said of the wave. “I felt like I was laughing in the face of death,” she added. “Looking back, that probably should have been a moment when we photoshopped me on there.” Upton has shared several of her photos from this year's magazine on Instagram. You can view them all

So proud to be part of this @si_swimsuit issue full of empowerment, body diversity, and strong, beautiful women. Thank you @mj_day for another amazing year!! #SISwim 2018

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