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Kate Upton Drops Vulgar Tweet After Justin Verlander Doesn't Win Cy Young

Kate Upton and her vulgar tweet after Justin Verlander doesn't win the Cy Young.

Kate Upton called out every baseball writer who didn't vote for Justin Verlander for the AL Cy Young.

Kate Upton is known for being a supermodel. But lately, she's been in the news for controversial tweets.

Well, she's back at it.

This time, Upton is unhappy with the outcome of the AL Cy Young race. Why would she care about such things? Well, her fiance is one Justin Verlander.

The Baseball Writers Association of America just released its breakdown of the AL Cy Young race, and it's confusing to say the least. Verlander actually received more first-place votes than the winner, Boston Red Sox starter Rick Porcello. But Porcello was on all 30 ballots and Verlander was left off two. So Porcello's point total was higher, and he won.

And Upton is less than pleased.

But she didn't stop there.

And one more for your viewing pleasure.

Listen, we've all been there before. The person you want to win the Heisman, or the MVP, or any other major award, loses out to someone else. How would you react? Well, if you're anything like Kate Upton, it probably makes for good content.