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This Hilarious Tweet About Katie Ledecky Is Going Viral

Kate Ledecky after she finished her olympic race.

Katie Ledecky video goes viral. The 19-year-old American superstar swimmer from Bethesda, Maryland, destroyed the field in the 800 meter freestyle Saturday night setting social media into a frenzy.

Katie Ledecky, who has already won four gold medals and one silver medal at this year's Rio games, finished over 11 seconds ahead of the other competitors in the final. Her time of 8:04.79 was a world record - the next-closest to her was Great Britain's Jazmin Carlin, who came in at 8:16.17.

Twitter had a field day with the situation - especially because Ledecky had so much free time before the rest of her competition finished up. One user - a man named Jimmy Donofrio who works in creative and digital media - somehow combined Ledecky's finish with the fact that much of the United State is currently experiencing a heat wave.

His post currently has over 20,000 retweets and nearly 30,000 likes. Enjoy:

Yup, that's "Smooth" from Santana and Rob Thomas. You can actually get through the first few words in the song before the next-closest competitor finishes.

You can watch Ledecky's entire race over at NBC. Never change, Internet.