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Katie Nolan Appears To Send A Message To Her Bosses At FS1

Katie Nolan on her show Garbage Time.

The Fox Sports personality is ready to work.

Katie Nolan is ready to be back on TV.

The Fox Sports 1 personality had her show, Garbage Time, cancelled in February. She appears to be ready to get back to work.

"Man," she tweeted. "I miss working."

Media insiders Richard Deitsch and Jimmy Traina discussed Nolan's future in a recent conversation for

Deitsch believed the tweet was a message for her bosses at FS1.

From their conversation:

Traina [4:43 PM] 

Did you see Katie Nolan's tweet about the fact that she misses working? Do you have any scoop on what's going on with her and Fox?

Deitsch [4:49 PM] 

I imagine she's letting her bosses know that it's time for them to find a vehicle for her.

Traina [4:49 PM] 

Whoa, wait.

You don't think they have a vehicle in place already? How long is she supposed to sit around and do nothing?

Deitsch [4:51 PM] 

The show was canceled in February. It's May. I hope for her and her crew, they have something coming soon.

Big delays for the LIRR. Good luck to you getting home, by the way.

Traina [4:51 PM] 

Pretty bizarre that they have a network that nobody watches and can't just put her on there somewhere for 30 minutes a day.

Deitsch [4:52 PM] 

She's talented. Up to management to figure something out. That's what they get paid to do.

Nolan has been with Fox Sports 1 since 2013, but they really haven't figured out how to best utilize her talents yet. Hopefully management has something good in the works for her.