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Katie Nolan Has An Idea For How The NFL Should Handle Domestic Violence

Katie Nolan talking about Josh Brown's domestic violence.


Fox Sports 1's Katie Nolan has a suggestion for the NFL regarding its domestic violence problem.

Katie Nolan, Emmy Award winner and host of Garbage Time on Fox Sports 1, discussed Josh Brown and domestic violence during her latest show on Wednesday night:

In short, Nolan doesn't believe that the right move, necessarily, is to kick players out of the league and move on. She argues that while that may make the general public (us) feel better, it doesn't address the problem or help the victims. She thinks the league should get serious about counseling and support services for the abusers and their families.

"What if this time, instead of punishments and bans and the commissioner's "naughty list" or whatever, what if we demanded that the league get serious about counseling and support services for players and their families? And I mean serious, not just hiding behind "he's getting help" and then just never following up. If you can suspend or cut these guys at the drop of a stupid Cam Newton hat, why can't you make their employment contingent upon their participation in counseling programs? And the right counseling programs, that's important."

It was a very strong, honest and heartfelt message delivered by Nolan that hits on facts, ideas and questions that nobody else is really talking about.