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ESPN's Katie Nolan Called Donald Trump A "Stupid Person" On Desus & Mero

Katie Nolan appearing on Desus & Mero.

Katie Nolan apparently isn't high on President Trump's intelligence.

ESPN personality Katie Nolan, who came over from FOX Sports just a few months back, joined Viceland's Desus & Mero this week and ventured a bit outside the lines of sports commentary. Nolan, who has had no problem speaking her mind in the past, made a comment about President Trump that is sure to have some upset.

Nolan, during a discussion about whether the thumbs-up motion is now considered a "white power" hand sign because Trump employs it, suggested that the President is a "f*cking stupid person." She actually said something more offensive first, but Viceland bleeped it out.

Here's video:

Nolan's start at ESPN has been a bit slow, but the network seems to have some interesting plans for her in the near future. Here's what the network had to say when she was hired back in October.

ESPN announced today that it has hired Emmy-winning sports personality Katie Nolan. Nolan joins ESPN on October 16 and will appear across multiple platforms in a variety of projects. She will have a prominent digital presence while also making appearances across ESPN studio programming. Announcements regarding her specific assignments are forthcoming.

Earlier this year, ESPN SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill was suspended by the network for violating its new social media policy on political commentary. It's unclear whether Nolan will face any sort of consequences. It's not the exact same situation, but there are some similarities.

Sporting News reached out to ESPN, which declined to comment.