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Photo: Kawhi Leonard Spotted With Another NBA Player

kawhi leonard speaks at nba all-star weekend

We haven't seen much of Kawhi Leonard lately. There was a video of the San Antonio Spurs star forward in New York about a month ago. He was seen at at Los Angeles Dodgers game shortly after the NBA Playoffs. Outside of that, he's been mostly unseen.

This is only leading to further Kawhi Leonard speculation, of course. The Spurs star has reportedly demanded a trade out of San Antonio and wants to end up in Los Angeles.

There are questions about Kawhi's future and his health. He's become the most-intriguing storyline in the NBA this offseason.

Kawhi has been located, at least. He was reportedly seen in Las Vegas hanging with another NBA player.

Photos show Leonard hanging out with Jonathon Simmons, who previously played on the Spurs.

The two appear to have remained close.

There's been a lot of Kawhi Leonard talk today. Most of it is centered on the Toronto Raptors, who have become the betting favorite to trade for the Spurs All-Star. Some believe the Raptors are willing to go all-in.

It's unclear if Toronto has a package that the Spurs are willing to take. Kawhi on the Raptors would be a lot of fun, though. An NBA Finals run is possible.