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A New Team's Been Named The "Preferred Destination" For Kawhi Leonard

kawhi leonard runs onto the court during a pregame introduction

Kawhi Leonard is now the biggest storyline of the NBA offseason, with LeBron James officially signing his four-year, $153 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers last week. All eyes are now focused on the San Antonio Spurs and their disgruntled superstar.

Reports have suggested that Leonard, a California native, wants to end up back home. Both the Lakers and the Clippers are seen as Leonard's "preferred" destination.

The Lakers, though, don't seem to be willing to give up what it's going to take to land him. And the Clippers don't appear to have the assets necessary to make a trade.

The Sixers, though, might have everything it takes - both the willingness to pull the trigger and the players needed to get it done.

Sports Illustrated NBA expert Ben Golliver is arguing that Philadelphia, not Los Angeles, should be Kawhi's "preferred destination."

Golliver argues that the Sixers should be more appealing than the Lakers, as they give Kawhi the chance to both contend for NBA championships and not play on a team dominated (both on and off the court) by LeBron James.

He's not the only one making this argument, of course. There are many around the league who feel the Sixers are the best fit, especially on the court.

The Kawhi situation isn't likely to be resolved anytime soon, though. The Spurs are probably going to wait as long as they can before making a decision.