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Kawhi Leonard Could Reportedly Sit Out Instead Of Playing For Toronto

kawhi leonard runs onto the court during a pregame introduction

Kawhi Leonard has been traded to the Toronto Raptors. That is about as far away from his preferred destination of Los Angeles as possible.

Of course, the Raptors are a quality team and Toronto is by all accounts a great city. That doesn't seem to have any effect on Leonard's outlook on the move though.

By all accounts, Leonard is not happy. He didn't want to go to Toronto, according to ESPN's Chris Haynes.

It goes deeper than that. According to Sporting News' Sean Deveney, Leonard could potentially sit out this season instead of suit up for the Raptors.

And, league sources told Sporting News, Leonard has no interest in playing for the Raptors. There have been indications that he would sit out the entire season if necessary, and though that step would be drastic and unprecedented in today’s game, Toronto has forced the situation into uncharted territory by acquiring a player who has made it clear he does not want to be there.

Of course, Leonard is technically under contract for the 2018-19 season. He can't just hold out without financial repercussions. The only way Leonard can avoid penalties is if he can prove he has an actual medical excuse for not playing, as ESPN's Zach Lowe explains.

If we had to guess, Leonard will eventually play for Toronto. Proving he's healthy and in good shape will only help him get a bigger deal in free agency in 2019.

However, if he is serious about sitting out, things will get very interesting.