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There's Now A New Team Favored To Trade For Kawhi Leonard

kawhi leonard runs onto the court during a pregame introduction

Once the news got out that Kawhi Leonard wanted out of San Antonio, many thought the Los Angeles Lakers would the team to land him. By all accounts, Leonard wants to play in LA.

However, things aren't as clear-cut right now. The Lakers might not want to trade away young players for Leonard when they believe they can just sign him in free agency next summer.

So, if it isn't the Lakers, who will it be for Leonard? One sportsbook thinks he is heading to the East.

According to BetDSI, the latest odds for Leonard have the Philadelphia 76ers as the favorite to land him.

The Celtics had been the favorites on BetDSI a few weeks ago. Now, they have the second-best odds, with the Lakers and Clippers right behind them.

Here are the full odds:

Philadephia 76ers +200

Boston Celtics +300

Los Angeles Lakers +500

Los Angeles Clippers +800

San Antonio Spurs +1000

Orlando Magic +2000

Field (Any Other Team) +150

Considering how things have changed with Leonard, we wouldn't say the Sixers are a lock to land him.

If they do, it might swing the Eastern Conference in their favor for next season.