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Cris Carter Has A Major Update On A Possible Kawhi Leonard Trade

kawhi leonard speaks at nba all-star weekend

Kawhi Leonard wants to end up in Los Angeles. The San Antonio Spurs' All-NBA forward is a California native and he's reportedly ready to come back home. He's reportedly open to playing for either the Lakers or the Clippers.

The Lakers don't seem willing to trade for him right now. Magic Johnson's franchise would obviously love to have him, but the Spurs are just asking for too much at the moment. A trade involving the Lakers and the Spurs seems unlikely.

The Clippers, meanwhile, might not have the assets necessary to land Kawhi. They have a couple of promising young players and some future draft picks, but it's unclear if the Spurs are interested in anything Los Angeles' other NBA team has to offer.

They're reportedly trying extremely hard to make it happen, though.

FOX Sports 1's Cris Carter, who has sources inside Kawhi's camp, had an update on the situation.

Carter reports that the Clippers and Jerry West are telling Kawhi that they're doing everything they can to make something happen.

"Jerry West is trying to do everything he can and they have informed Kawhi and his camp, 'Listen, don't give up on us. We are trying to [move mountains to get you],'" Carter said on First Things First.

Earlier reports suggested Kawhi actually preferred the Clippers over the Lakers. It was believed by some that he didn't want to deal with all of the craziness that surrounds LeBron James.