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An NBA Star Is Now 0-26 Playing Against LeBron James

Kemba Walker dribbling at the Charlotte Hornets center court

CHARLOTTE, NC - OCTOBER 20: Kemba Walker #15 of the Charlotte Hornets brings the ball up against the Atlanta Hawks during their game at Spectrum Center on October 20, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

One NBA star can't seem to figure out a way to beat LeBron James on the basketball court.

Kemba Walker, who led UConn to a national title and turned himself into an NBA star, has had a pretty incredible career on the hardwood. In fact, after Wednesday night's game against the Cavaliers, he's now the all-time leading scorer in Hornets history. But there's one statistic that he can't be too proud of.

Walker is somehow 0-26 playing against LeBron James after last night's 118-105 loss.

James - on either the Cavs or the Heat - is 22-0 against Walker in the regular season. He's 4-0 against him in the playoffs too - the Heat swept the Hornets back in the 2014 playoffs. The statistic was discovered by Reddit user @duneboggler. It's pretty crazy. LeBron actually congratulated Walker on Wednesday night - obviously, for breaking the Hornets scoring record.

To be fair, LeBron has played on some stacked teams. In Miami, he had Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. In Cleveland, he had Kyrie Irving (until this year) and Kevin Love. Walker hasn't had nearly the help.

But, that's still a lot of losses without one win. He'll have to wait until next year to get another crack too - the Hornets don't play the Cavs again this season and won't be making the playoffs.