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Kenny Smith Getting Trashed For His NCAA Tournament Pregame Comment

Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley during NCAA Tournament coverage.

For the past couple of years, Turner Sports has had its top NBA analysts - Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley - working the NCAA Tournament.

Every year, the duo says something that has college basketball fans scratching their heads.

It's happened again.

Smith made a comment about Duke star freshman Marvin Bagley that, well, makes no sense. It was concerning his defense.

The Turner Sports analyst said he believes Bagley is the best player in the country because of how he can impact a game defensively.

“I would go with Bagley because he can change the game defensively,” Smith said.

Bagley, of course, is great in a number of areas. None of those areas are defense, though.


Smith and Barkley are actually pretty good when it comes to analyzing what's going on in the games once they begin. But when it comes to the pregame analysis, it's pretty clear they're unfamiliar with much of the college basketball world.

Duke is set to play Iona in the first round at 2:45 p.m. E.T. this afternoon.