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There's A Conspiracy Theory Going Viral About This NCAA Tournament Upset

Kansas State knocks off Kentucky to reach Elite Eight.

The NCAA Tournament has featured plenty of upsets. While one side of the bracket features two No. 1 seeds, a No. 2 seed and a No. 3 seed, the other side features two No. 9 seeds and a No. 11 seed.

As the NCAA Tournament assures us every year, picking the perfect bracket is impossible. Especially when there are this many upsets.

Some of the notable upsets so far: No. 1 overall seed Virginia lost to No. 16 UMBC, No. 1 Xavier lost to No. 9 Florida State, and No. 4 Arizona lost to No. 13 Buffalo.

The upsets continued into the Sweet 16.

No. 9 Kansas State knocked off No. 5 Kentucky by a final score of 61-58. During the contest, Kentucky shot 37 free throws.

One Kentucky fan pushed a conspiracy theory that the refs cost the Wildcats a win by calling too many fouls against Kansas State. No, really.

A Kentucky fan had a conspiracy theory about the loss to Kansas State.

There's one you won't hear every day.

Kentucky shot 37 free throws in the game, but managed to make just 23 of them. Couple that poor shooting effort from the line with the fact that Kentucky lost by just three points, and fans have a reason to be upset.

Fans will believe whatever they want.