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The Warriors' GM Just Took A Shot At Kevin Durant During Parade Speech

warriors gm takes a shot at kevin durant during parade speech

The Golden State Warriors are having their NBA championship parade today. It doesn't seem to be quite as eventful as the first one, but a parade speech by the team's general manager has social media buzzing.

The team's GM, Bob Myers, said on Monday that he expects negotiations with soon-to-be free agent Kevin Durant to go swiftly. Durant has already said that he plans on re-signing with the franchise.

"Sometimes you don't negotiate. I'd love to have him for 10 years. Kevin Durant, look what he did for us last year, he did us a great service," Myers said. "He's earned the right to sign whatever deal he wants. I just want him to sign a deal."

This afternoon, Myers was asked about that comment during his parade speech.

He used this opportunity to take a bit of a shot at KD. It was a little harsh, actually.

"That was just for the media," Myers said of his previous comments. "He can't have anything."

It was then pointed out that Myers said during last year's speech that Steph Curry, a free agent in 2017, could also get whatever he wants.

"Yeah, that was different," Myers said. "He's been here."

It was a joke, obviously, but apparently even the Warriors' GM is in on the "let's constantly poke fun at Durant for joining a 73-win team" bandwagon.

You can watch the comments below: