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Kevin Durant Has An Interesting View On The Warriors Not Being A "Super Team"

Kevin Durant does not think the Warriors are a "super team." He might be the only one.

The Golden State Warriors won 73 games in the 2015-2016 season, coming up just one NBA Finals win short of repeating as champions. This past offseason, they essentially swapped Harrison Barnes for Kevin Durant - one of the best players in the NBA. The result? A 67-win team that finished with a 16-1 record in the playoffs.

Durant, however, doesn't think the Warriors are a "super team."

Yes, he's crazy. But hear him out.

Via Connor Letourneau of the San Francisco Chronicle:

“First of all, if everybody wanted Steph, he would have been the No. 1 pick,” Durant said Wednesday of Curry, the No. 7 pick of the 2009 NBA draft. “A lot of people passed on him. A lot of people doubted Steph, saying he wasn’t going to be this good. Klay Thompson, he was just supposed to be this OK shooter in the league, like that’s what you thought of Klay Thompson when he came in. Draymond, nobody wanted him. He was a 6-5 power forward. (They said) he couldn’t play in the league, he couldn’t start in the NBA. Shaun Livingston had a crazy knee injury.

“Nobody wanted him. Nobody thought that that he would get back to being Shaun Livingston. Andre Iguodala, he got traded a couple of times. Nobody wanted him. A lot of people didn’t expect these guys to be where they are today. Super team? No, we just work extremely well together.”

Essentially, Durant tried to make the argument that the Warriors are a bunch of cast-offs who just "work extremely well" together.

Durant's comments come after LeBron James earlier in the week said he'd "never played" for a super team. Both of them appear to have lost their minds.